Give the Gift of Good Fortune

Hello all, hope the holiday season is treating you well! If you're still scouring the earth for gifts (like me) for the mailman, your favorite barista or the acquaintance from high school who won't stop facebook stalking you, maybe I can help. Our newest print series, "Fortune Posters" features illustrated phrases taken from actual fortune cookies on 12" x 18" bond. You can submit to the fortune gods by ordering one, in which case I will randomly select and send you your fortune in poster form. Or order the entire set of 8 posters to ensure you receive your favorite. You can also get your fortune by ordering any other print in our shop, in which case I'm including a free fortune poster with every order. Either way, it's a fun project that encourages interaction and a bit of uncertainty...order them for the whole office and give everyone their fortune!

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