1,000th Post!

The Best Part has now been in existence for a year, and in that time I've somehow managed to publish 1,000 posts while maintaining a full-time job (thank god I have an understanding, equally ambitious boss who has taught me quite a bit about this blogging thing...thanks Fred)! I've featured the work of some of the world's best designers, artists, and all sorts of creators of fantastic things, and accumulated a following of the greatest, most loyal readers in the process. For that I thank you, and promise to continue to bring you only the most incredible, inspiring work I can manage to find in the world of the interwebs.

What's on the horizon for The Best Part? The evil plan I've had all along is to incrementally expand the site to include more and more original content, which will soon include my personal work, a shop that will feature my own handmade posters, giveaways from many incredible artist friends of TBP, and eventually a project that will bring art instruction and collaboration to children in parts of our country that have never had the chance to experience an art class. And hopefully I'll still manage to maintain both my current level of sanity and incredible job...keep your fingers crossed!

So, who is the lucky subject of my 1,000th post (other than myself)? Since posters may possibly be my favorite things in the world, it's only fitting that my 1,000th post introduce the subject of this week's Poster of the Day segment. This week I'm taking the blog back to my roots in Columbus, Ohio and introducing you to the magnificent work of FarmBarn Art Co., the incredibly talented duo of Mike Pierce and Drue Dixon. With posters designed and printed for such clients as The Dave Matthews Band, Iron and Wine, The Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon, Mike and Drue don't need my help bringing their work to the masses....but they'll get it anyway. Enjoy!

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