Let the Judgement Begin

If you had to choose a site for the 2016 Olympics based on logo design alone, who would you pick? I'll reserve judgement for now to remain impartial.


Anonymous said...

omar likes two of them...


others seemed to belong elsewhere...

tokyo = tied up computer hd cable
doha = cartoon catfight
baku = dirty snowflake
praha = wheat growers union
madrid = kids turkey hand
lisbon = pine hill boys choir

xoxo, your number 4 fan

Jason Dean said...

HA! Cartoon catfight....true.
And I agree, the multicolor turkey-hand thing is pretty and all, but it's a bit schmaltzy.

FRED said...

there is only ONE answer.

Jason Dean said...

France isn't one of the choices, Fred.

Anonymous said...

France...a white flag perhaps?

I'm kidding Fred. I kid.

Seriously, I love France. They brought many nice thing into our culture... fries, donuts, salad dressing and champagne.

Did I say I kid? I do.


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km9000 said...

I like Chicago's.

Anonymous said...

chicago, hands down

angeles bobrik said...


Al. said...

Chicago and madrid, fo sho.