The find of the Century...Presidential skivvies

While in a little antique shop in Mount Dora, I found these hilarious gems. The pictures below are from four paper doll books by artist Tom Tierney, each based on Presidents Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush (the Dubya version). Each President (and first lady) comes in their skivvies, along with several outfits you can dress them in. Sorry for the poor quality photos, I'm in a hurry to get these up. Here are some of my favorites, click on each for a closer view:

We'll start with Tricky Dick, in his button-up undies and victory suit.

Then there's Rappin' Ronny, along with my favorite outfit of the bunch; his jammies and chimp from his role in Bedtime for Bonzo.

Slick Willy comes complete with his dress socks and Sax outfit from his Arsenio appearance. You think Hillary has actually seen him in this little clothing?

I saved the best for last: G Dub in his undies and cowboy boots. Laura knows he's feeling randy when he shows up to bed in this outfit. And of course, his brush clearin' outfit....Yeeeehaaaa!

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