::: Travelogue ::: No. 1 :::

In this new segment, I'll be posting The Best Parts of my travels for you to enjoy, so without further ado, Travelogue No. 1:

Over the weekend, Wifey and I decided to get out of the city and slow down a bit. Having both grown up in the country, we find it helps release some of the "pressure" accumulated by city life. We headed Northwest from O-town to the hamlet of Mount Dora, a small town full of antique shops, specialty stores and small cafes.

Along the way, we came across this abandoned church. Peeking from behind the overgrowth, it had a beautiful simplicity.

I love all things old, abandoned, or otherwise full of character, and this old hotel in "downtown" Mount Dora had all of the above...plus some extra "Southern Charm".

Some handmade type found around town:

After some much-needed unwinding time traveling through the countryside, we're feeling ready for the week ahead. I encourage all the city-dwellers out there to find your way out of town and see what happens (in a fuel-efficient vehicle, of course). And send me pictures when you do!

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