Nike aces another one

Watching the Federer-Nadal Wimbledon final, I couldn't help but notice the RF logo Nike has designed for Federer's line of apparel. They always seem to exhibit restraint with their minimal marks, and this one is no exception. They've also done a logo specifically for this weekend commemorating Federer's five Wimbledon wins (which may or may not be 6 by the time you read this) with the number 5 cut out of the Wimbledon trophy. This is why Nike is Nike.

p.s...sorry for the pun in the title, it's been a long weekend.


Charlie said...

That RF logo should be returned to the 70's before they know it is gone.

Jason Dean said...

I think maybe if you saw the logo in 2D rather than in gold embroidery you would change your mind.