...And Maybe Michael Jackson's Glove

Today my fellow designerd coworkers and I were debating this question:

What are the most recognizable symbols in the world?

Sure, we could do the research and eventually learn the "facts", but it's more fun to remain uncertain and continue the discussion. My opinion of the six most recognizable are:

1) The cross
2) Coca-Cola script/ribbon device
3) The Star of David
4) Nike Swoosh
5) Swastika
6) The Olympic Rings

Have a dissenting opinion? Post your comments and join the conversation!


FRED said...

My order is:

1. the cross
2. coke
3. nike
4. swastika
5. star of david
6. olympic rings

Jason said...

How about the McD's golden arches?

Schrack Attack said...

to the younger generation (i am officially declaring my old age) golden arches may replace swastika on the list.