Swimming Cities Takes to the Ganges

For the unfamiliar, Swimming Cities is a project (originally formed by the artist Swoon) in which artists and performers sail handmade boats, adding to them with found objects and staging performances from their floating homes along the way. So far they've sailed down the Mississippi, the Hudson River and across the Adriatic from Slovenia to Venice.

They're now taking on their most ambitious voyage yet, planning to float down India's Ganges River in what they're calling "Swimming Cities of the Ocean of Blood". Their plan is to stop in towns and villages as they traverse the river, collaborating with local craftsmen to customize and embellish their boats in the local style. They'll arrive complete in Varanasi, after what is sure to be a pretty intense 400 mile trip. Check out their plan, visit the photo gallery, learn more about the collective and donate to their cause here.

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