(Re) Designing the Dollar

Beautiful idea for a (badly needed) redesign of American money by designer Michael Tyznik. We can dream, can't we?


Anisa said...

While lovely, there's not much that feels timeless, or even monetary, about these designs. Not the Mac OS style swirls in the background, the stripes of color down the side, or even the text-heavy content.

I read all the time about logos being redesigned from an obvious 90's style (etc) ... If these were ever used, a designer 12 years from now would get kudos for a much needed update.

Art Milk (Jaime) said...

Yes, we can only hope, wish and dream. Those are beautiful.

U.P. said...


this is funny to me. both the redesigning the dollar project (?) and the ... detachment one can have dreaming of a "better design"... simply great.