A Brief Intermission

I'll be in Italy for the next week or so, checking out Rome, Florence and everything in between. Hopefully I'll be back with some incredible finds, in the meantime, peruse the nearly three years of The Best Part archives for your art + design fix. See you again soon (unless someone can convince my wife that we should stay, of course).


Schrack Attack said...

You MUST come back. I have Popsicles.

Anonymous said...

I'll be out there in October. Take good notes!


mo@ said...

i love your blog and look forward to seeing what you come back from roma with.

best, mo

Anonymous said...

how long does it take to see Italy? Hurry back already.


The Best Part said...

I'll be posting tonight about some of my travels...when are you going?

Anonymous said...

Mid-October. I was in Paris around that time last year and the weather was quite agreeable.

Looking forward to seeing your pics!