An Unfortunate Change

In a perfect world, people would realize that commenting on blog posts in order to leave a link to their site where they can try to sell you their crappy printing service is shady. And that readers aren't stupid. They see through your shenanigans, and it actually makes your business look like a parasite, unwilling to actually pay for advertising. So, it's pretty much useless to do so.

But apparently in this world, these people don't get it. Even when you ask them politely to stop adding their random, nonsensical comments simply to get a link to their site.

So, it is with a certain amount of disappointment that I announce I will now have to moderate comments. To all my readers who actually care about having honest, smart dialogue among those who appreciate art and design, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but some people just plain suck.


Jonze said...

That really sucks :(

Anonymous said...

It's a shame but you are doing the right thing.