Color? On a plane?

Kudos to The Cool Hunter for attempting to bring the airline industry out of the doldrums with some beautiful and exciting design...finally.


SevenBit said...

I have always agreed that planes should cease being white, but it is harder than one would think... First off planes are enormous, and coloured paint is more expensive than white paint (think base-model theory). And second... That much extra paint, print, whichever is extra weight which means more fuel consumption, and smaller pay loads. Planes need to be bare minimum, it is a battle between form and function that has been won by the later more than the former.Virgin has the advantage over other airlines of already charging higher prices than other airlines, so they may be the ones to pull them off.

We had an airline in Canada called "Zip". This airlines planes were bright, neon colours. It was exciting to see a bright fuchsia plane flying over head, but they have since folded. Airline aesthetics is just one of those things that no matter how hard people try, it will lag behind at it's own pace.

The Best Part said...

good seems it's just another one of those cases where aesthetics aren't necessarily considered important by those spending the money.