Mandate Press

As a graphic designer, I've labored over my own business cards time and time again, rethinking, second guessing, redesigning, reprinting, and every time the result seems like it wasn't quite worth the work. Next time, I'll definitely keep it simple and head to the fine folks at Salt Lake City letterpress studio Mandate Press.

They recently printed both my wife's and a coworker's business cards, and I have to say, for letterpress-printed business cards under $100, I challenge you to find anything of higher quality. They make the process easy, offering several well-designed options as templates, allowing you to simply type in the information you would like on the card and voila! You are now the proud owner of beautiful letterpress-printed business cards.

I've been paid nothing and have no reason to shamelessly promote someone this way, except for the fact that I'm familiar with both their work and customer service and I'm loving everything about their operation....Keep up the great work, and thanks for making it easy for us Mandate Press!

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