I seek the Grail!

Letterpress is like the Holy Grail of design skills, at least for me, it represents a return to the purity and singularity of handmade fine art. There's nothing like holding a fine letterpress print in your hands, it has a tactile quality in both the paper and the debossed printed areas that just can't be duplicated any other way.

Kirsten O'loughlin of Sensura Studio in Saint Louis has found this out on her own, producing some amazing letterpress work that has been featured on the likes of Coudal Partners' Swap Meat. Kirsten will hopefully be doing
a lot more of these prints....And continuing to make us all jealous. View the whole collection on Flickr.

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ron miriello said...

Glad to discover Kirsten's work on your site. She'd be great to collaborate with on projects. It's obvious she loves letterpress and wants to experiment.
Ron Miriello