It's Geo-Logical!

With the recent popularity of Google Earth and worldwide accessability of gps and topographical maps, we’re finally starting to see some artistic applications of geological information. One of the best examples of such artistry comes from Fluidforms, an Austrian company that translates this information into beautiful objects. Simply give them a zip code and they’ll create a 3D representation of your requested locale. I will soon be the owner (and ruthless dictator) of my very own tiny hometown. Geo-nius! Okay, I guess it doesn’t work for all applications.

Via Miriello Grafico


Andreas Jaritz said...

Hi Dictator of your own tiny hometown!

Really nice comment on the EARTH bowl!

At the moment we experiment a lot with new interfaces and materials and have already some new products in the pipes... If you like to know about product releases submit to our newsletter ( or visit our newsroom (

You are right: it doesn't work for all applications. What applications do YOU want it to work for? We appreciate all ideas!

Jason Dean said...

When I say it doesn't work for all applications, I was referring to using "Geo" in a word as a writing skills are not what they used to be.

Andreas Jaritz said...