Dear Chipotle,

We've been together for some time now, and we've had some great times. But lately I've noticed you've been letting yourself go. You used to be so confident in your simple, minimal, utilitarian ways. You had cheap, great food and you didn't bother pandering to trends and marketing bullshit.

But ever since you started hanging out with McDonald's, you've been acting like a real ass. I mean, your latest campaign uses bad graffiti in a wasted effort to appeal to "the kids". We both know this is ridiculous and you're kidding yourself. You're making us both look like idiots, but I'm willing to pass this off as a midlife crisis and pretend it never happened if you would just come to your senses and be yourself.

I love you, but I'm moving on if you're going to keep up this asinine behavior.


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Anonymous said...

You know how they can only call bourbon 'bourbon' if it is made in kentucky? well, they should do the same thing with burritos. except make them only in mexico or california. anyplace else just falls short. and having an irish-based fastfood chain backing it is not an option.

good day.