At a discounted price, of course

Crafterall has a great set of cards available in their Etsy shop. Composed of layered cardstock of various colors, they have a beautiful topographical feel.

I can't help but wonder what these would be like in a larger scale, maybe even the size of a large painting, cut out of individual sheets of 1/4" plywood? In colors that complement a mint green/chocolate brown living room color scheme? Maybe the fine folks at Crafterall will entertain my notion and be willing to create and sell me such a creation??

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M. B. Karger said...

Perhaps I should change the shop name to "Crafter-most." Although you've piqued my interest, I doubt that I'd be able to handle a jigsaw as well as I wield my blade. Still... the wheels are turning.

Thank you very kindly for featuring my work on your clean, slick, and pleasing blog.

Bigger (paper) "Topo Art" is in the works. Stay tuned.