Or maybe a giant electric shaver?

The Sinosteel International Plaza in Tinajin, China designed by Beijing architects MAD reminds everyone of something. For me, it's a beehive full of little worker bees, I would feel that way if I worked in this building anyway. For others, it's a cheese grater. Or a giant Mac tower.

No matter what it looks like, its function is pure genius. While the external honeycomb structure looks arbitrary, it supports the building's mass from the outside, freeing up the inside for more functional space. The sizes of windows are also calculated to provide conservation of energy in all seasons. Let's see your cheese grater do that.

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Anonymous said...

See, how it works is the first building lifts your whiskers...giving the second building the ability to swoop in and give you a shave you won't soon forget.

- Remmington Towers