Enabling my compulsion issues with great design

As you may or may not be aware, I have a touch of the OCD. It has nothing to do with cleanliness, mind you, it's all about organization, planning, and detail-oriented craziness. I am also the slowest eater on planet earth. I challenge you to produce anyone slower, and you will fail.

Now that you understand this, we can talk about my cereal needs. It must be moist, but never in any way soggy. This makes eating an entire bowl of cereal a near impossibility, as the once-crunchy flakes, squares, or shamrocks (depending on the cereal) at the bottom become limp, soggy, and therefore completely inedible by the time I get to them.

Until now...Introducing the Sink Bowl by Sherwood Forlee. Finally, a bowl for the completely insane.

The bowl, or series of stacked bowls depending on how you look at it, come equipped with a drain plug so the liquid contents of the top bowl can be drained into the bottom. Genius! Or completely ridiculous, depending on who you ask.

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