It puts the typeface in the basket

Most people I know will never understand my obsession with type. I specifically remember the reaction from my (NRA lifetime member and perpetually-curious-of-his-artist-son's-sanity) father when he called one day, and I told him I was in the middle of watching a documentary about a typeface (Helvetica).

"Oooookaaaay"....the reaction was as if I had just told him I was in the middle of playing dress-up with my stuffed animals.

Luckily, there are other typophiles out there who have a desire for everything type. Documentaries, clothing, artworks, and now....playing cards. P22 type foundry has just issued its newest set, comprised of their many offerings arranged in playing card form. The interface for viewing the cards is also very interesting.

Hopefully you don't get the same reaction when you deal typeface cards to your friends on your next poker night.

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