On May 4, 2007, a deadly tornado struck Greensburg, Kansas, destroying ninety-five percent of the town and taking eleven lives with it. Rather than simply rebuild the town as it was, the residents of Greensburg decided to provide an example to the rest of the country and build a smarter, greener community.

The process was captured in a 13-part series, aptly named Greensburg, on the upstart Planet Green Network (Sundays at 9pm). Co-Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, the show promises to chronicle not only the green building process,
but the lives of the townspeople as they try to carry on their everyday lives from FEMA trailers.

There's not much television worth getting excited about anymore, but the premise
of this one seems worthwhile. And while there (hopefully) won't be a shirtless
Ty Pennington to make the ladies swoon or to crobar in product placement, maybe
Leo will make an appearance or two to satisfy our need for celebrity.

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