FE, FI, FO, FUM...

I've always had a plan, should I win the lottery and become a billionaire, to live in a Dr. No-esque compound on an island somewhere, defended by an army of little people on evil, biting miniature ponies. It's incredibly strange, as well as politically incorrect, but it's my dream.

Of course I would never actually do this, but it's fun to imagine. Just like it's fun to imagine living in a real-life Lord of the Rings Hobbit village. I would be the slightly mentally dense-yet-gentle ogre character that defends the little Hobbitses from the meanies.

The first fantasy would never happen, however, the second is possible thanks to
Peter Vetsch of Vetsch Architektur. He has designed and built the real life, modern version of a Hobbit village. The version that Frodo would build if he went to Architecture school in Switzerland and came back to the village wearing matching black mock-turtleneck and little rectangle glasses.

I'm packing my 12th-century leather and fur barbarian outfit and giant wooden club and moving to your Hobbit village, Peter Vetsch. I hope you're ready.

Found Via NotCot. NotCot denies any and all association to this blog and its highly inappropriate comments.

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