RV Graphics

Automakers, even American ones, spend millions of dollars and years of time crafting clay forms and developing paint colors of their newest concepts. Architects obsess on minute details, inside and out, to fulfill their sculptural visions. Apparently RV's are lost in the purgatory between vehicle and home, leaving all good taste behind (along with a trail of empty PBR cans). I might actually consider getting one eventually if they didn't look like the vehicular equivalent of wrangler jeans with a built-in fanny pack. Maybe my next endeavor will be "RV Graphical Designer".
I could change the world.

Even movies about RV's are horrendous...although according to the DVD packaging, "RV" is a spectacularly hilarious movie. I might have to check that one out.

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benjamin kinzer said...

We should go into to business together. Camping is so much fun, but I wouldn't be caught dead in one. But the first person who comes up with a well designed camper will usher a new era of young campers.