Luke Dowd

Spray paint and paper combine to create these amazing pieces by Luke Dowd. Via Today and Tomorrow.

Matthew Cusick

Beautiful map collages by Matthew Cusick. Via My Modern Met.

Poster of the Day

Brecht Vandenbroucke

Enjoy the psychedelic dreamworlds of Belgian painter Brecht Vandenbroucke. Via Art Sponge.

Oslo Opera House Curtain

It may seem odd to have a post dedicated to a stage curtain, but Pae White's design for the Oslo Opera House is a stunning exercise in concept and craft. Made of woven cotton, wool and polyester, the curtain appears from afar to be made of metallic foil of some kind, an actual piece of aluminum foil was scanned and output as woven fabric to create the efffect.

Guy Batey

The Melancholy of Objects by photographer Guy Batey. Via NotCot.

Poster of the Day


Italian graffiti artists Alita and Wally create incredible pop-art-inspired stencil pieces like these. Via Changethethought.

Inside Out: Artocracy in Tunisia

Fresh off his TED Prize win, JR has begun an even-more-revolutionary project titled "INSIDE OUT: Artocracy in Tunisia". His effort features a hundred ordinary Tunisians, posting their images where only those of dictators once hung. The portraits were taken by six Tunisian photographers in collaboration with the renowned French street artist and other international artists. Not surprisingly, the project has been met with resistance by many who either question the motives of the project or simply don't understand its meaning. Nevertheless, the photos are serving their purpose to promote a dialogue about the purpose and meaning of art in this politically volatile region. Read the entire article on Al Jazeera for a more detailed summary of the project and its importance.

3D Flatness

Brilliant sculptures merging screen printed imagery and three-dimensional wood objects by Luke O'Sullivan. Via My Modern Met.

Poster of the Day

I'm not sure how I've managed to overlook the work of Damien Tran for so long, hopefully I can make up for this by featuring his work as this week's Posters of the Day.

Inside Out Farmhouse

Using reclaimed materials from the old exterior of the original barn, this renovation by Seattle firm Shed Architecture & Design takes the outside and brings it in. Via Inhabitat.