The Oughts Wallpaper

When we leave one decade and enter a new one, we begin to wonder how the past ten years will be viewed by future generations. Every one has it's stereotype; the sixties had the hippie, the seventies disco, and the eighties Rob Lowe. I'm assuming The Oughts will be the decade of the hipster, but just in case it's still up for debate I've put together a quick wallpaper that highlights the major events and phenomena of each year (set in the typeface of the decade of course, Helvetica). Starting with 2000 and ending in 2010, each year is designated by a line of another color. Click on the image below to download the large (1920 x 1200) version and remember the good old days of The Oughts on your personal computing device of choice.


Anonymous said...

Nice list. I just had to add:

Failin' Palin

Double Rainbow

xoxo, Omar

The Best Part said...

Ha. Originally I was going to do something with some of the more memorable quotes of the past decade, which included plenty of Palin nonsense, but it became a bit too political. Bush and Palin just made it too easy.